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Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our vision defines the overall outcome that we are working towards.
Our mission describes our purpose and unique contribution.
Our values are the key beliefs and principles that underlie our thinking and actions.


Mentally healthy people in a healthy society.


CMHA Swift Current facilitates access to the resources people require to maintain and improve mental health and community integration, build resilience, and support recovery from mental illness.

Values and Principles

  1. Providing support for those with mental illness and promoting mental health for all.
  2. Focusing on the mental health needs of all age groups.
  3. Embracing the voice of people with mental health issues.
  4. Promoting inclusion.
  5. Influencing the social determinants of health.
  6. Establishing viable mental health programs, policies and services.
  7. Dedicating our resources in a cost effective and efficient manner.
  8. Working collaboratively.
  9. Being transparent and accountable.
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